I am a strong advocate for protecting people from being scammed as it has happened to me before.  That's why it's important to get this information out there so others can avoid falling prey to predatory businesses and tactics such as "OmahaSingles.com".

I recently received a large mass mailing postcard advertisement promoting a dating website "OMAHASINGLES.COM".  I went to their website and it really doesn't tell you anything about who they are, where their located, or even what they do for that matter.  Then I read the VERY FINE PRINT on the bottom of their website, "OmahaSingles.Com is a referral service that does not provide actual matchmaking services. OmahaSingles.com is affiliated with NEBRASKADATING.COM".  Most people with common sense would ask themselves why would this company be advertising under a different name?  Why not just advertise who they actually are NebraskaDating.com? Then I started researching NebraskaDating.com, and I think I found out why... because they are potentially a GIANT SCAM!  There are negative reviews all over.  Here are just a few reviews I found of people who have been bilked out of thousands of dollars, oftentimes up to $5,000 each with nothing but headaches in return.


(This business is Not Accredited by the BBB, take the time to read through the complaints as many of them are disturbing)

http://nebraska-dating.pissedconsumer.com (Very helpful)




http://www.yelp.com/biz/nebraska-dating-omaha (must click gray link)





Based on all of the complaints and a little bit of digging it's reasonable to conclude NebraskaDating.com / OmahaSingles.com / ElkhornSingles.org ect are just the latest names this nationwide company uses to disguise who it actually is, and it's shadowy past.  It looks like Omaha once had a "Right One" dating office, then reopened under "Elove."  That office closed after being the recipient of an "F" rating from the BBB. VERY shortly after Elove closed, NebraskaDating.com opened up for business.  The ownership appears to be all be affiliated.  This is what I gather... they open a new office under a new name, SCAM people out of their money, for a few blind dates using often misleading or outright lies to lock you into the contract.  Once you sign that contract they refuse to let you out of it.  They pile up complaints, close their doors, screw people out of money, then open up under a new name for a fresh crop of potential victims.  Bottom line... If you come across a site that looks like this:


Don't just walk away... RUN!!

Keep in mind there are legitimate, accredited Matchmaking services available in town.  Just remember to DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST!

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Nebraska Dating. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Nebraska Dating.

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Why does a competitor trash their competition? It’s so obvious this person works for a “local” company who has Omaha on their road signs.

They place illegal road signs to traffic singles, make false and misleading reports as well as ignore their own clients to trash the competition. Get a life!


Yes I am glad I noticed and saved my money. She used high pressure sales to get me cough up my money right then and there!

I told her no. She was using guilt tactics shaming and all. She was rude and did look at mt personality score sheet or anything.

Misleading scammers. I was told never to make a snap decision like that and I am glad I walked away an read these reviews.

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